Growing your business from the perspective of your customers means giving your customers a way to be heard. You need a way to engage with what your customers are saying and act on the insight you gain from their feedback. We make your customers visible across the entire company and show you how to turn insight into action.
Customer Experience Business Growth ROI

Make it easy with Smoke CI

We know how to make great customer experiences translate into great business growth. We make it easy for you to listen to your customers, create customer visibility, measure your staff, turn data into actionable intelligence and deliver real ROI.

Become customer-centric

From asking the right questions to obtaining answers and analysing results, we help you put the customer at the heart of your business. Your customers will be able to give you feedback according to their preferences and priorities. Your staff will be empowered to use the insight and guidance they need to take action. Your business can optimise business processes and drive greater ROI.

Engage the experts

Everything we do is informed by the smartest software developers, the most engaged consultants and leading CEM expertise across various industries. Our staff take customer experience to the next level – for you as our customer and between you and your customers. We are your team of customer experience experts.

Smoke Expert Andrew Burns“Our software makes the ultimate customer experience possible. Our people make it happen.”

– Andrew Burns, CTO

Smoke Expert Rochelle Bhaga“No matter what industry you play in, we’ll help you listen to your customers so that you can exceed their expectations.”

– Rochelle Bhaga, PM

Smoke Expert Xavier Nel“Insight is nothing without action! Closing the loop is what delivers results.”

– Xavier Nel, GM


About Us

Making the world more customer centric!” This is our goal and the foundation of everything we do.

Quick facts


  • Smoke Customer Intelligence is a privately held company and was established in South Africa in 2007. Our headquarters are in Johannesburg.
  • We conduct more multi-channel surveys than any other company in Africa.
  • Our software enables voice of the customer feedback through 14 channels, including IVR, SMS, USSD, email, web, CATI, CAPI, social media, kiosks and QR codes.
  • We combine market-leading technology and our passion for delivering service over and above our clients’ expectations.

Our story


The last straw of a bad customer experience catapulted Andrew Cook from his promising career as a CA into the field of customer experience management. He had a choice: become another disgruntled customer or do something to change the way businesses engage with their customers. Andrew directed his energy into making it easier for customers to be heard and for businesses to take action. With some hard work, clever programming and an entrepreneurial spirit, Smoke Customer Intelligence was founded.

The Smoke CI team was formed in 2007 and the first steps were taken to develop a post-call interactive voice response (IVR) survey solution. This software is now known as Eyerys, and it enables companies to continuously monitor service levels delivered in call centres, in the retail environment, online, and every other customer touch point.

From software to soft skills, we now combine innovative technological solutions with advisory services so that companies are able to broaden and develop their customer experience strategies.

Smoke CI has grown to include the expertise of some of South Africa’s most creative and talented developer, operational support and sales brains.




In 2012 we won the Technology Top 100 (TT100) emerging and small enterprises award for “Excellence in the Management of Innovation“. The company also scored two additional nominations for “Excellence in the Management of Technology” and “Excellence in the Management of Systems”. Please read our full press release here.
[block_grid type=”two-up”][block_grid_item][image type=”none” float=”none” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/technology-top-100-award.jpg” alt=”Technology Top 100 Award” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”][/block_grid_item][block_grid_item][image type=”none” float=”none” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/smoke-ccs-tt100-awards.jpg” alt=”Smoke CCS TT100 Awards” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”][/block_grid_item][/block_grid]
In 2013 we took home two awards at the Technology Top 100. The Director General’s Award for Overall Excellence in recognition of sound innovation and a constant re-evaluation of market offerings and the Award for Excellence in the Management of People. You can read more about the award ceremony here.

In addition to the TT100 awards we were also finalists at the 2013 Accenture Innovation Index awards where we were competing against some tough competition.




Andrew Cook (affectionately known as Optimus Prime in the office)

Andrew Cook CartoonGreat customer service is Andrew’s mission in life. In fact, it’s more than a mission, it’s an obsession. As CEO of Smoke CI, he believes that every customer, who spends their hard-earned Dollars/Pounds/Euros/Rands/Yen, should be treated in a way that is deserving of their time and money. He focuses on connecting companies with their customers and using the customer feedback loop to enhance business processes for both large and small organisations.

Andrew’s personal belief in good service and making the world more customer centric propelled him from a promising career as a CA at KPMG into the then-unchartered area of customer experience management. He has never looked back. He is constantly amazed at the difference that great customer experience makes to customer retention, wallet share and loyalty as well as to employee retention and company growth. It leaves him wondering why every company in the world does not have exceptional customer service as their number one priority.

Andrew Cook LinkedIn profile


Andrew Burns (affectionately known as Neo in the office)

Andrew Burns CartoonFiguring out ways to ensure that technology delivers on its promise to the people that use it, is what gets Andrew Burns up early every morning. Andrew’s fascination with technology began before he even learnt to walk and this intuitive understanding of technical processes naturally lead him to study and pursue a career in information technology. Andrew keeps Smoke CI at the forefront through innovatively developing and harnessing technology to simplify business, make processes more efficient and connect companies to their customers.

Andrew joined Smoke Customer Intelligence in 2012 after a 10 year tenure as CTO and shareholder of Dial a Nerd. Having successfully facilitated the growth of Dial a Nerd’s business division and internal technology systems, his need to contribute and make a bigger difference proved a perfect fit with Smoke CI. He is the Technical Director and part of the solutions team that develops voice of the customer and customer experience management technology so that the voice of the individual is heard and companies win customer loyalty.

Andrew Burns LinkedIn profile