Intelligent software is only half the journey – the best results are realised when you map, track and measure the entire customer lifecycle. We partner with you to help you improve the experience you deliver to your customers. Our expert services team will be there to guide you with our best practice solutions, provide you with the latest capabilities and understand your evolving customer experience needs.

Customer Experience Management CEM Strategy

Customer experience management

You’re looking to create the best possible experience for your customers and we know how to do that. Our advisory service capabilities are designed to propel your CEM strategy forward. Smoke CI provides an integrated approach using voice of the customer software and processes to track, analyse and refine every interaction between customers and your company throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customer Journey Mapping Operational Processes

Customer journey mapping

Your customer’s journey is affected by your business’ people, processes and technology. We capture each moment of truth on a birds-eye view customer journey map to align your strategic goals and operational processes with a true understanding of your customers. The process of mapping the customer lifecycle helps you to enhance the moments of magic and redesign the moments of misery that are shaping the way customers engage with your brand.

Enterprise Feedback Management Software Processes

Enterprise feedback management

Make customer visibility a priority by connecting all parts of your business to your customer experience platform. Our enterprise feedback management system entails software and processes that enable you to collect, analyse, and report on customer feedback. It also ensures that insights can be captured from customer transactions, which can be used to tailor service offerings and optimise business processes.
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Multi Channel Customer Experience Tracking

Closing the loop

Data is only as valuable as the process it triggers. Understanding your customers and improving your business requires continuous tracking, measurement and review of feedback. Incidents and escalations need to be appropriately managed; customers need to know they have been heard and insights need to be actioned. Closing the feedback loop for both customers and staff enables real change.

Customer Experience Process Optimisation

Process optimisation

Guide and refine processes, review process dashboards, develop engagement strategies, engage leadership ideas and empower staff. We provide management consulting to help you with process redesign and implementation as well as creating a customer-centric culture. Our goal is to empower your staff to continue building and nurturing the implementation after handover.

Customer Experience Quantitative Research

Quantitative research

First-hand market research that is targeted and directly related to your business gives you access to real-time quantitative data. If you want to gain insight into customer attitudes, behaviours, needs and wants, we can help you turn quantitative research into statistically significant results that can be quickly and easily analysed.