Smoke Services Customer Experience Experts

Customer Experience Management Real-Time Escalations

A customer complaint is an opportunity to boost your brand. Eyerys technology allows you to improve the Customer Experience by responding to negative feedback timeously and effectively, with real-time escalations.


Escalations and Notifications

When it comes to customer satisfaction, immediate action is vital and possible service recovery opportunities are only available for a brief moment. With this in mind, Eyerys has a fully integrated escalation and workflow engine. This means you’re notified about any unfavourable feedback as soon as it’s received. This provides you and your team the chance to contact that customer and fix the issue immediately. The structure of the work flow management attached to all escalations helps you to identify the root cause of customer experience. When you focus on addressing root causes of service delivery, it ensures that future customer experiences are positively affected by your learning. The Smoke Customer Intelligence methodology towards Voice of the Customer pivots around ensuring that immediate service recovery is possible and that strategic business decisions can be made on servicing your customers.


Service Level Agreements – SLAs

Collecting service feedback is only part of the process of measuring and delivering good service. Eyerys takes survey escalations one step further by providing SLA management on any escalation sitting within the system. Eyerys will monitor all escalations to make sure they are being dealt with in the specified time accordingly. Eyerys can re-escalate outstanding tickets to new team members or managers to ensure all customers receive prompt response where service failure has occurred. Full escalation reporting and SLA reporting keeps your finger on the service-delivery-pulse within your organisation and allows trends to be mapped to root causes of service failure or delivery.