Telecommunications Reducing Customer Churn Growing Customer Loyalty


The telecoms industry is one of the most competitive and it is clear that customer experience is the ultimate differentiator. A consistently positive and seamless customer experience isn’t possible without listening to what customers want and need.

Is reducing customer churn and growing customer loyalty top of your priorities?

Our multi-channel feedback software enables you to listen to your customers, identify pain their points and track their purchasing behaviour in order to optimise your products and services. Our 360° services include enterprise feedback management, customer journey mapping, real-time escalations and employee measurement. We can help you pinpoint underlying customer needs and optimise your business processes to reduce churn and grow loyalty.

Financial Services Customer Experience Competitive Advantage

Financial Services

The banking and financial services industry is fiercely competitive, but product and price are no longer providing the advantage. Integrating customer experience into the DNA of the financial world has become a driving force behind process optimisation, service delivery and customer retention.

How can customer experience be used to your competitive advantage?

Our experience in the financial services industry enables us to tailor satisfaction surveys and enterprise feedback management strategies to improve customer visibility, measure staff performance, and gain actionable intelligence from business analytics.

We can help you identify the most effective ways to close the feedback loop so that you can optimise processes, increase customer acquisition and retention and maximise customer spend. The result is tangible and measurable return on investment.

Retail Customer Satisfaction Brand Advocacy


Consumer loyalty has never been more significant to the retail environment. Customers determine their satisfaction with a brand in-store, online, over the phone and at every other touchpoint. Retailers need to know what their customers think and whether they would refer your company to friends and family.

Are your customers satisfied, loyal and likely to advocate your brand?

Our multi-channel feedback management systems enable retailers to identify, track, measure and optimise each point of the customer journey. Our 360° solutions, including customer journey mapping, real-time escalations and staff measurement and pinpoints underlying needs, optimises processes and facilitates future product development.

Security Enterprise Feedback Management


Creating a safe community for home and business owners is at the heart of every security service. Customers need to know they can place their trust and confidence in a security company to respond with speed and efficiency. Yet providing a presence and responding promptly are just two touchpoints along the customer journey. The accounts department, emergency room, technical support centre, and customer service are what make up the moments of magic or misery for existing or potential customers.

How can enterprise feedback management help you close the feedback loop?

Customer loyalty is gained by showing customers their safety is at the heart of every interaction and across all moments of truth. Our voice of customer software allows you to monitor customer expectations so you can retain customers, identify all their security needs and attract new customers too.

Hospitality Customer Satisfaction


Customer-centricity has been at the heart of hospitality since the dawn of time. This means customer expectations can be unforgiving. Customers expect a consistent and seamless experience wherever and whenever they choose to engage with your company.

How important are your frontline services to your customer experience strategy?

Solve service and satisfaction concerns before they cause trouble. Social media platforms and mobile connectivity have made the hospitality more competitive than ever before. We can help capture your customers’ thoughts on their dining, travel and accommodation experiences.

Make sure your customers voice their opinions via the channels that talk directly to you. Our voice of the customer technology captures feedback in real-time. Incidents and escalations are flagged immediately. Our text analytics software understands your customers so that you receive in-depth reporting and rich insight into your customers’ reviews.

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