Screw it, Lets do it

Customer Experience lessons from Virgin Group   The story of the dyslexic teenager who built a billion-dollar empire is familiar to most. Richard Branson is a pioneer of the modern age, having forged an exceptional success story, despite the odds. While he is an outlier in the world of entrepreneurs, perhaps his most significant legacy is how he revolutionised the … Read More

Learn from McDonald’s success when it comes to customer experience

There was a stage when McDonald’s clients’ satisfaction was on the decline. After two consecutive years of weakening scores, they focused on customer experience through their employees to improve their business.   Since 2014, McDonald’s came in last in the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). They had suffered a 9% decline in customer satisfaction over two years. Not too … Read More

What’s your customer care strategy? Follow Mr Lawn’s example!

Customer Care Strategy

31 October 2014 – Andrew Cook Every business should have a customer care strategy. Surprisingly, most of the businesses we encounter don’t. When problems or complaints arise, as they inevitably do, a customer care strategy can make all the difference. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run – whether it’s laying lawns or offering business analytics – amazing … Read More

Customer satisfaction wars

Customer Satisfaction Wars Gloves Off

19 September 2014 – Andrew Cook Customer satisfaction has become absolutely essential in achieving business objectives as it provides a metric against which to measure and improve every step of the service chain. However, many companies still struggle with this notion, because how do you quantify customer satisfaction from the perspective of each individual customer? There are four aspects that … Read More