Apples and oranges: the dangers of bad Net Promoter Score benchmarking

Apples and Oranges Dangers of Net Promoter Score Benchmarking

15 January 2015 – Andrew Cook When we think about Net Promoter Scores, it’s easy to leap to Apple as the ideal player to emulate: how many other companies can boast such a fervent base of promoters? Apple is one of the big proponents of the Net Promoter Score and unsurprisingly leads the way in scoring, with a massive 72 … Read More

Why is CSAT an important metric?

Customer Satisfaction Score Metric Graph

9 January 2015 – Andrew Burns A company’s customer satisfaction score, or CSAT, may not be a crystal ball for understanding every aspect of your customers’ needs, but it can be an important indicator of whether a company is growing or slipping. The New Year rolls round and already the customer survey bandwagon is getting pretty crowded. Last year, we … Read More