Customer journey mapping in the insurance sector

Customer Journey Mapping Insurance Industry

29 August 2014 – Andrew Cook We’ve discussed the importance of customer journey mapping in previous posts, but let’s have a look at a real-life example: At 8am, Jerry was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on William Nicol Drive. Suddenly, a taxi changed lanes and rammed straight into Jerry’s Golf. The damage to the passenger door and side mirror wasn’t pretty, … Read More

Customer experience management: are your employees playing ball?

Customer Experience Employees Team Work

22 August 2014 – Andrew Burns Customer experience management. It sounds so simple on paper, but there is just one variable that’s difficult to control: the people. In a previous post, we looked at how customer experience management addresses every aspect of the individual’s interaction with your company. From a decision maker’s perspective, it is easy to see why customer experience … Read More

Customer centricity: the key to business success

Customer Centric Business Focus SUccess

15 August 2014 – Andrew Cook Creating a business that is focused on customer centricity can be challenging. You may need to address your business’ culture and how your employees think and act, but you’ll also need to change your customers’ collective mind-set. Perhaps, you may even need to change your own way of thinking and adapt to a new business model … Read More