What does business process optimisation have to do with customer experience?

Business Process Management Optimisation Customer Experience

10 March 2015 – Andrew Cook Customer experience management is about balancing the fluffy stuff with optimal operations. Focusing on delighting your customers means that customer needs should tie in with business process optimisation. The one cannot be achieved without the other. Companies that prioritise successful business process optimisation find that they are able to offer long-lasting customer experience benefits. … Read More

The next level: customer engagement

Next Level Customer Engagement

20 February 2015 – Andrew Cook Companies are talking about customer engagement and the concept is causing a stir in service-driven companies. But is customer engagement just a new buzzword for customer experience or is it taking companies to the next level? Andrew Cook explores the concepts. Advertising campaigns, enticing sales promotions, and loyalty reward programmes capture people’s attention, but … Read More

How can your company benefit from enterprise feedback management?

Enterprise Feedback Management Rating

13 February 2015 – Andrew Cook With customer experience management taking the fore, the need to map every area of your business has never been greater. Andrew Cook explores what an enterprise feedback management system can do for your company. Customers are more demanding and more connected than ever before. They’re also becoming a lot more vocal about their needs … Read More

Apples and oranges: the dangers of bad Net Promoter Score benchmarking

Apples and Oranges Dangers of Net Promoter Score Benchmarking

15 January 2015 – Andrew Cook When we think about Net Promoter Scores, it’s easy to leap to Apple as the ideal player to emulate: how many other companies can boast such a fervent base of promoters? Apple is one of the big proponents of the Net Promoter Score and unsurprisingly leads the way in scoring, with a massive 72 … Read More

Why is CSAT an important metric?

Customer Satisfaction Score Metric Graph

9 January 2015 – Andrew Burns A company’s customer satisfaction score, or CSAT, may not be a crystal ball for understanding every aspect of your customers’ needs, but it can be an important indicator of whether a company is growing or slipping. The New Year rolls round and already the customer survey bandwagon is getting pretty crowded. Last year, we … Read More

Is the NPS a predictor of growth?

Net Promoter Score Predictor Growth

18 December 2014 – Andrew Cook People often comment that customer experience is the “fluffy stuff” in a company, and much like marketing, its effect can’t really be measured. Many companies use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure satisfaction and our entire business is built on the technology that companies need to do this. While you can measure whether … Read More

Is it hard to be your customer?

Be Your Customer Satisfaction Strategy

18 December 2014 – Andrew Burns The Customer Effort Score (CES) is rapidly gaining popularity as a way to measure customer experience. While both the Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Score metrics measures the overall customer experience, one thing it doesn’t do is focus on whether or not your customers have to make an effort to deal with your … Read More

Aiming high on your Customer Satisfaction Score

Aiming High Customer Satisfaction Score

11 December 2014 – Andrew Burns In a competitive marketplace where businesses vie for customers, your Customer Satisfaction Score is a key differentiator and, increasingly, has become a key element of business strategy. It is therefore essential that businesses effectively manage their Customer Satisfaction Score. Why do we need a metric in the first place? There are two main reasons … Read More

Effecting efficiency and the Customer Effort Score

Efficiency Customer Effort Score Smile

05 December 2014 – Andrew Burns Measuring the key drivers of customer retention and loyalty is a key focus for organisations seeking to refine their knowledge on how transactional experiences are driving critical outcomes. Enter the Customer Effort Score: a leading indicator of consumer loyalty based on the interrelationship between customer effort, expectation and loyalty. How the Customer Effort Score … Read More

Up Your Net Promoter Score, Up Your Bottom Line

Net Promoter Score Bottom Line

28 November 2014 – Andrew Cook The rule of thumb in advertising when it comes to accessing the success of a TV commercial or any other radio, print or outdoor campaign is quite simply (and effectively), “would you share it with your friends at a braai?”. Similarly, when it comes to customer care, the benchmark of effectiveness can be measured … Read More