Insurance industry spotlight: Improving customer retention through proactive customer experience

Insurance companies are facing greater challenges in a market characterised by product saturation, soft pricing and competitive premiums. The rise of connected technologies and online comparison tools is also making it difficult for insurers to differentiate themselves. As a result, insurance providers have to fundamentally change how they assess and manage risk. New strategies are needed to respond to these … Read More

Tipping the customer centric cultural conversion

Out with the old, in with the new. This is a central part of a customer experience driven approach to business. A business’ culture cannot become customer centric overnight, but once it does, the results are profound and positive. “Changing to a customer centric culture is one of the most gruelling tasks any management team can undertake. All levels of … Read More

Six Voice of the Customer strategies to optimise your call centre

Six Voice of the Customer strategies to optimise your call centre Voice of the Customer survey technology can be a powerful tool for managing and improving call centre performance on a number of levels. However, to get the most out of your measurement strategy and surveying tool, it must be effectively implemented, adopted and utilised over the long term. Call … Read More

Shifting perspectives on customer feedback in two minutes

Customer experience has become a focal point for businesses worldwide, causing them to seek out the best ways to improve interactions with clients, obtain customer feedback and win over any prospective or lost clients. However, many of those same businesses use CX tools and software simply for damage control purposes. They single out and approach only those clients who provide … Read More

The Lifetime Value of a Customer

The lifetime value of a customer is an important aspect for any company as it determines what a customer may be worth to you if you manage to hold on to them for a prolonged period of time, versus what you stand to lose if your customers churn quickly. The lifetime value of a customer is dependent on various factors … Read More

Employee experience matters – a lot!

Next Level Customer Engagement

01 Feb 2016 – Shaheema Adams Recently, several posts on social media have drawn attention to the importance of cultivating the right employee experience in a companies’ overall customer experience lifecycle. This took me back to a quote from Doug Leather’s book The Customer Centric Blueprint where he maintains that engaging your employees in your quest for customer-centricity may seem daunting, but … Read More

Six reasons to focus on customer satisfaction

15 May 2015 – Andrew Cook Forget price and product wars, getting customer satisfaction right has become the key differentiator in today’s increasingly competitive market. It’s a well-known business adage that it’s cheaper to retain customers than it is to acquire news ones, and customer satisfaction is precisely what drives this truism. Slashed prices won’t reduce customer churn or negative … Read More

How important is the customer journey to you?

17 April 2015 – Andrew Cook I’m a firm believer that business leaders should be turning their focus to the customer journey. Many haven’t yet discovered the value of creating a customer journey map and they’re losing out on a crucial tool that can be used to improve processes and reduce customer churn. These days there is no getting around the need … Read More

The ultimate customer experience management formula

1 April 2015 – Andrew Cook Customer experience management has become so strategic for many business leaders that companies are starting to lose sight of its purpose. While every business leader I encounter is striving for the competitive edge of customer experience management, many still see it as a plug in to their business.  Designing your business from the outside in … Read More

Identifying customer needs: why it matters

19 March 2015 – Andrew Cook It’s been a while since we discussed the importance of addressing customer requirements. Your customers not only want great products and services, they also want to know that your business understands their needs and wants. Identifying customer needs allows you to build your business on a strong foundation of customer-centricity. The problem is most … Read More