Start listening to your members to improve their experience – and retention

Member experience

The Medical scheme industry has become exceptionally competitive, adding even more challenges to your plate. From streamlining the claims process, managing costs, communication to members, member retention, attracting new members, to increasing member lifetime value and improving member experience. From a customer perspective, product and price aren’t the only areas members look at any more. In a recent survey, the … Read More

Who is responsible for customer experience in your company?

Listen Take Action Voice of the Customer

After a recent, very shocking, customer experience with a service provider, I had to ask myself, “who’s responsible for customer experience in this company” It was a rhetorical question, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know. After 13 phone calls and four emails, I was no closer to resolving an easy query than before … Read More

Smoke Customer Intelligence Customer Support Portal

 Smoke Customer Intelligence Customer Support Portal As Smoke CI grows and strives for continual improvement, we have migrated our support ticketing system to a new, global provider. Through this new solution we are able to better manage our tickets, provide ever better support to our customers and gain deeper insight into our support to you to meet this continual improvement … Read More

Four reasons your customer experience strategy might fail

In today’s highly competitive market, more and more companies are using customer experience (CX) as a competitive differentiator. If you’re in the process of implementing a CX strategy, there are four hurdles you need to overcome to make sure it’s successful. Four common reasons that interfere with the success of your CX strategy 1.    Not linking CX to business goals … Read More

Learn from McDonald’s success when it comes to customer experience

There was a stage when McDonald’s clients’ satisfaction was on the decline. After two consecutive years of weakening scores, they focused on customer experience through their employees to improve their business.   Since 2014, McDonald’s came in last in the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). They had suffered a 9% decline in customer satisfaction over two years. Not too … Read More

Post-call IVR surveys… Are you committing these four deadly sins?

Post-call IVR surveys… Are you committing these four deadly sins?   Surveys are the best way to get feedback from your clients and to drive a great customer experience with your company. They’re a great way to keep track of unhappy clients – giving you the real chance to fix any issues rather than lose a client, and improving customer … Read More

Are you maximising client feedback?

Are you maximising client feedback? Gone are the days where you could just sweep negative client feedback under the carpet and go about your business thinking your client is loyal to you. When it comes to bad mouthing a company or service, most consumers instantly turn to Facebook, Twitter and Hello Peter to publish their ordeal. And when that happens there’s … Read More

Why the insurance industry needs a helping hand

I have gained first-hand experience working within the insurance industry on their customer experience management and voice of the customer strategies over the past decade. One of the things I have seen is that many struggle to let go of outdated business methodologies. While there are industry leaders who are interested in exploring CEM, few have fully realised how digital … Read More